Monday, 17 October 2011


GO.226 29/9/11 - 8% Simple Interest on CPS Contributions from 1.9.04 to 31.3.11
Rc.222/RVM - Positining of VVs in Place of Maternity/on Deputation Teachers
Rc.365-16/9/11-Games and Sports Material to Schools-Rs.2000 for PS, Rs.4000 for UP/HS should be kept apart from school Grants
GO.134,135-AP Res Edn Institutions-Strikes are prohibited
Memo No:023400-A/163/P.C.II/2011-Clarifications of AAS 18 years - Reg
Rc.190 Date:5/9/11-Training to newly recruited Teachers and VVs-Reg
GO.130 Date:9/9/11-Certain Amendments to RTE AP -2010 Act-
Rc.60/B7/RVM Dt:5/7/11-/Special Officers will perform as Chairpersons for SMCs
Rc.274 30/8/11-Preperation of Question Papers and Meeting the Xerox Charges from School Grants Reg
Memo 9542-Apprentice Teachers are also eligible for Medical Reimbrsement
Rc.88/RVM -NPEGEL-Implementation of NPEGEL Activities during 2011-12-Suggestive list of Guidelines-Reg
Most Referred CCLs Clarification Memo.13112 and GO.35-Click
Rc.No.31/E1-1/2011 DSE -List of Holidays and Activities to be conducted during 2011-12
Rc.No.980/C3-1 Dt:19/8/11-Insutrctions on Pass in Dept Tests & promotions of Gr.II HMs
Cir.Memo.No.020091 17/8/11-Clarifications issued on New AAS Scales(6/12/18/24)
Clarifications on FR 82 Sub Rules 15 & 20 In Eng & Telugu
Rc.222 2/8/11 Engaging of VV's in UP Sections of High Schools for 2011-12
Rc.1570 3/8/11 Promotions to All SAs vacancies (30% quota also) by 6.8.11
GO.102 Dt:28/7/11-Amendment to GO.51 of APTET Rules 2011-Anexure(1)(b)-Regarding