Sunday, 28 June 2015

grants utilization 2015-16

Guidelines for MRC Grant Utilization 2015-16

MRC Grant & Meeting TA Grant Rs.80,000 per year contingency Grant.
  • Rs. 1000/- per month for internet :  Rs.12000.00
  • Rs. 750/- per month for MEOs cell phone :  Rs.9000.00
  • Rs. 750/- per month for Electricity charges :  Rs.9000.00
  • Stationery, Xerox, office expenses, postage :  Rs.8500.00
  • Providing tea to the HMs during monthly meetings (@ Rs.300/- per meeting x 9 meetings) :  Rs.3600.00
  • Repairs of TV, DVD, Computers, Printers, ROTs, Furniture
  • etc., White washing of MRC building :  Rs.5000.00
  • Providing Drinking water :  Rs.6400.00
  • Maintenance of toilets. FTA to MEOs (as per GO Ms.No.99, Dt:6.4.10) :   Rs.6000.00
  • For 15 days tour in a month Rs.750/- for 10 months (MEO should submit the school visit reports and Tour Diaries) :  Rs.7500.00
  • Travelling Allowance to the staff of MRC :  Rs.13000.00
  • Total Grant: Rs.80,000.
General Guidelines for Utilization of MRC Grant:
  • All types of grants shall be utilized as per the Implementation Plan.
  • The SMC shall make resolutions to utilize all types of grants (except MRC) on the above mentioned items and the resolutions shall be recorded accordingly.
  • Social audit shall be done by SMC on utilization of the grants. Stock and Issue Registers shall be maintained for the items procured and utilized. Expenditure and balance available shall be displayed on the notice board.
  • Discussion on utilization of grants shall be conducted at bi-monthly SMC meetings.
  • Cash book and vouchers shall be maintained for all the transactions.
  • Headmasters are responsible for utilization of grants as per guidelines at school level; School
  • Complex Headmaster & Joint Secretary at Complex level and MEO at MRC level.
  • School Complex and MRC grants shall be drawn every month as per monthly requirements only.
  • The DIET, DPO staff and MEO shall monitor the utilization of grants and record in the academic guidance register and furnish report to the DPO and SPO. Necessary action may be taken based on the observations made during their visits.
  • The State Level Observers shall also visit sample schools, MRCs and School Complexes and observe the utilization of grants and recommend appropriate measures and action.

Guidelines for Utilization of School Complex Grant 2015-16

The Rs.22,000 School Complex Grant should be utilized in the following manner:
  • Contingency Grant : 10000.00
  • Meeting TA Grant (10 months x Rs.500) : 5000.00
  • TLM Grant : 7000.00
  • Total : 22000.00
Component Wise Utilization of School Complex Grant
a. Contingency Grant – Rs.10,000/-
  • Maintenance of ROTs
  • Procurement of Registers, Records, Stationary etc.,
  • Teacher Reference Books as per the list communicated by SPO.
  • Purchase of Educational CDs.
  • Providing Tea & Refreshments to the participants.
  • Postage & Xerox
  • Requirement School Complex meetings.
b. Meeting and TA Grant – Rs.5,000/-
  • Conveyance for school visit to the School Complex HM @ Rs.500/- per month – Rs.5000/- per annum (Minimum under schools once in a month) subject to furnishing of school visit report to DPO/DEO.
  • Other items any as per requirement from the savings of the above items. School Monitoring.
  • Reviews with Head Master of Primary and Upper Primary Schools.
c. TLM Grant – Rs.7,000/- per annum
  • Procurement of material for preparation of TLM in the School Complex Meetings.
  • Procurement of permanent TLM
  • Purchase of Educational magazines